AirBNB: Our holiday starts out as a real nightmare!

10 September 2017

Our holiday destination: always sunny Malta. Lovely, especially when we know it’s raining cats and dogs in the Netherlands šŸ˜‰ Our trip to Gozo, a small island which is part of Malta where our Airbnb apartment is located, takes a bit longer than expected. However, this doesn’t matter because we arrived safely at our destination and we will be enjoying the sun and sea very soon.

Airbnb with an amazing view

We meet our Airbnb host at Malta airport where he gives us the key to the apartment and some extra information. He also drops us off at the bus station for our trip to the ferry. However, when we say goodbye, he tells us that he will meet us the next day for a check-up for the state of the apartment. We find this curious, but we go along with it.
The apartment is easy to find and we are pleasantly surprised by its size. It is an apartment for six persons, with two baths and the view from the balcony is magnificent.
Airbnb view at Gozo

Investigation time

We would love to settle down, but after the groceries, we still have to unpack our bags and we have to inspect the whole place. We discover a really dirty sink, which we clean by ourselves. There’s a lot of dust in the house and in the cabinets, we find food that has been expired in 2014. We also find a lot of extra strong bug spray. The spray states it is used for cockroaches, ants, fleas, flies, and so on. We decide to eat supper and watch a movie on Netflix.

A warm welcome to our new roomies

While having supper, we are jumped by little, creeping bugs. OMG! What are those?! After examining them, we are not able to immediately identify the little buggers. However, while doing the dishes, the wooden backboard of the kitchen comes loose. More crawling creepers: COCKROACHES! HELP! So we now know the purpose of the bug sprays. Furthermore, we realize that our host has mentioned the check-up. This is probably not to check if his cleaning lady has properly cleaned the house, no, this is to see whether or not we are okay with the current state of decay of the apartment.
Meanwhile, we discover more problems with the cleanliness of the apartment. The shower is covered in calcification and black molt, which is toxic. Second, we find a hairbrush with long, dark hair. Last but now least, we find bugs in opened packages of food. This is where we draw the line: we take a lot of photos and videos, we pack our bags and we call Airbnb at 7 PM.

No place to sleep?!

Airbnb is pretty hard to reach in emergencies. Finally, at 9 PM, we receive a Dutch case manager who tells us what to do. Her conclusion:Ā do not have any contact with your host, leave the apartment, take the key and get yourself a hotel at our expense. She also says that the host will get the opportunity to fix the problems tomorrow.
Small side note: it’s currently midnight, we are awake for 24 hours and it’s still 30 degrees outside. But, the shift of our firstAirbnb case manager has ended, which means that we have to find ourselves a place to sleep in a city we don’t know. Furthermore, we find out that there are almost no hotels who have a night reception. After wandering around for two hours through a dark city, we finally find a place to stay. At 2:30 AM, we are finally able to shower and sleep.

Airbnb: it has been a whole new experience

The next day upon check out, Airbnb has booked a new place to stay for us. Ha-ha, just kidding. After waiting for eight hours, traveling back and forth to return the key to the host, sending a lot of emails and wandering around with our luggage and backpacks, we areĀ getting really desperate and anxious. However, we decide it is time to take initiative here and we book a hotel. Our third(!) case manager finally calls us after ten(!) hours and tells us that he will find us a place, ASAP. A bit late, after waiting for one and a half days.

But, we are happy to tell you that we checked in in the most beautiful hotel in the area, at the coast of Xlendi Bay. Side note: due to good karma, we get an upgrade to a penthouse suite! Another very important thing: we don’t have any flying and unwanted roomies here.

Airbnb gives us a call in the evening. They apologize for the wait and they give us a compensation for the delay. We also noticed that they have deleted the apartment from Airbnb.


In the end, Airbnb fixed our problem and gave us, besides of the compensation, a voucher for a new apartment. This leads to another dilemma: what will be our next destination?!

What is your experience with Airbnb? Please let us know in the comments!

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    Yikes!! I used Airbnb for my trip to Cuba and I had a awesone experience. I am very happy it worked out for you guys.

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