On a budget: take a look in our wallet for the expenses at Sicily

6 November 2017

Last September we visited the beautiful island of Sicily. We stayed here for two and a half weeks and we used that time to explore the island. Mount Etna, the active volcano on the middle of the island, is absolutely one of the highlights. However, the authentic villages and the beautiful beaches are also very popular with tourists. In short: Sicily has many beautiful parts. We wrote down all our expenses and we would love to let you know if Sicily can also be a nice place for the budget traveler.


EasyJet: €100 ($116) We booked two return flights from Malta (it’s just a 50 minutes flight!), which means our tickets are a bit cheaper than flying from Amsterdam. When you are departing from Amsterdam in high season (June – August), you can get a one-way ticket for one person for about €120 ($139). theater Sicily Taormina


Our accommodation is a beautiful Airbnb in Catania. Our apartment is reachable by car, it is just a twenty-minute drive from the airport. Assuming that you’re staying in a spacious and clean apartment, the costs are between €400 ($464) and €600 ($696) for two and half weeks. However, this is what we have paid for two persons.

Overview: the expenses at Sicily

The following graph gives you an overview of our expenses at Sicily. We haven’t included the tickets and the accommodation. Important side note: you have to pay in euros at the island.

Food and drinks

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Seventeen days, two persons: €172,21 ($199,92)

Our stay at Sicily was in Catania and down the street was a supermarket. We had the opportunity to cook ourselves every day and we loved to do that. However, we did get some treats for ourselves (ice cream!!), but most of the meals are home cooked. Same as at Malta and Gozo, you also can’t drink the tap water at Sicily. However, the water at the supermarket is almost for free: you can buy six 2,5 liter bottles for just €2 ($2,33).

Expenses during the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Your daily grocery shopping will cost you between €10 ($12) and €15 ($18).Hardened lava river on Mount Etna expenses at Sicily


Rental car (including insurance, gasoline, and parking) and the bus: €731,83 ($849,58)

Sicily is a bit bigger than expected. Therefore, a rental car is definitely one of our recommendations. We rented our car at Sicily Rent Car. However, this wasn’t the cheapest option. But, because we didn’t gather all the correct information before leaving for our holiday, this was the only option for us. Just some small advice: make sure that the driver is also the owner of the credit card. Although, in the end, we are very happy that we were able to rent a car.

We rented the car for eleven days and we drove more than 2300 km! In the end, we can definitely say that we’ve seen the whole island. We also paid for a few bus tickets. The Alibus (which brings you to the airport) costs €4 ($4,64) for a single trip.Poggioreale Sicily - expenses at Sicily


Excursions (including entrance- and parking costs): €92 ($106,80)

One of the main reasons we wanted to rent a car, was the ability to visit many places. These places were beaches because we needed to relax as well (and, also very important, we had to work on our tan).

First of all, we visited Taormina. We went to the beautiful theater and we took a relaxing swim in the bay. Second, we visited Palermo and on the same day, we went to the old temples at Valle dei Templi. However, we are very adventurous, so we couldn’t ignore our desire to climb Mount Etna. And, last but not least, we really had to visit the ghost town of Poggioreale Vecchio. If you like to add some excitement to your stay at Sicily, we can definitely recommend this city.


Our expenses at Sicily are a bit higher than we expected, which was mainly due to our rental car. At the end, the daily budget for two persons (including the car), was €59 ($68,49). In our opinion, this is an acceptable amount for a two and a half weeks at Sicily. Concluding, we would love to mention that Sicily is a beautiful island and that it’s definitely worth a visit.

If you are a budget traveler, it is definitely possible to have a cheaper apartment or even a hostel. It’s possible to visit a lot of places with the use of public transport. We have decided to skip the public transport because it can take a lot of time. Need some more inspiration about traveling on a budget? Please check Tim’s tips for your cheapest destination.

Have you ever been to Sicily? Did you like it?

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