On a budget: take a look in our wallet for the expenses at Sicily

6 November 2017

Last September we visited the beautiful island of Sicily. We stayed here for two and a half weeks and we used that time to explore the island. Mount Etna, the active volcano on the middle of the island, is absolutely one of the highlights. However, the authentic villages and the beautiful beaches are also very popular with tourists. In short: Sicily has many beautiful parts. We wrote down all our expenses and we would love to let you know if…

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ghost town poggioreale vecchio

To do: hunting ghosts in the ghost town of Poggioreale Vecchio

With Halloween being the time of the year again, we like to take you on our own spooky adventure. During our vacation on the beautiful island of Sicily, we decided to visit the ghost town Poggioreale Vecchio (Old Poggioreale).…

30 October 2017

To do: wandering through old temples in Valle dei Templi

We are both in love with old temples and ruins. First of all, it is amazing to see the degree of preservation of the temples and ruins, thereby emphasizing the technical skill without the modern day tools. Second, you are wandering back in time,…

24 October 2017

How to: Climbing Mount Etna from the North side

Mount Etna is one of the highest highlights of Sicily. You can see the volcano from the airport of Catania and you might wonder why there are so many people living on an active volcano. Climbing Mount Etna is an activity you can’t miss…

16 October 2017